7.1 What is Hushed Messenger? How do I create a Hushed Messenger Profile?

What is 'Hushed Messenger'?

Hushed Messenger is a great way for Hushed users to communicate with each other in complete privacy. All calls and messages with other Hushed Messenger profiles are protected by military-grade, end-to-end encryption and best of all…100% FREE! Make calls, send encrypted messages, voice notes, self-destructing messages, and even start group chats with your friends!  

Creating a 'Hushed Messenger' Profile

1. Select the ‘Messenger’ tab on the Main Menu screen

2. Select ‘Get New Profile’ icon at the bottom of screen

3. Input a unique profile name  

4. Select a Hushed Profile Picture from your Photo Library or take a picture with your device's Camera

5. Select 'Complete' and you're ready to start encrypted messaging with Hushed!

NOTE: You can create up to 10 active Hushed Messenger Profiles at a time! Create multiple profiles and manage different identities for anyone you talk to!


Adding 'Hushed Messenger' Contacts

Once you've created a Hushed Messenger Profile, you can start adding friends to your contact list to call and send fully encrypted messages to!

1. Select your Hushed Messenger profile

2. Select the ‘Friends’ icon at the bottom the screen

3. Search by profile name in the search bar

4. Select the profile you wish to add and click 'Add to contacts'. Remember that all profiles (including yours) are searchable immediately after the profile is created. Turn OFF your profile search-ability by selecting the 'Me' icon at the bottom of the screen in your Messenger profile and toggling ON/OFF 'Profile is Searchable'

5. Delete/Block contacts from Hushed Messenger by selecting their profile in your 'Friends' list and select 'Delete This Contact'


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