Why are my messages being split up?

All SMS messages have an industry set limit of 160 standard characters. This is the maximum number of letters, numbers, punctuation marks and spaces that can be included in a single message. However, it is possible to send messages that are longer than this limit by dividing the message into smaller parts that are sent as single SMS but seamlessly combined once the message reaches its destination. Modern mobile handsets are then able to "stitch" multipart messages back into a single, seamless message.

Please note that multipart messages are sent as a number of individual SMS messages that are rejoined once all parts reach the destination handset. As a result, each message part is charged as one SMS.

If you find that your messages have been split into multiple parts, please check the original message length is 160 characters or less including spaces and new lines.


If your message is less than 160 characters, but was still split into multiple parts, then it is likely that your message contains Unicode characters which take up more data than standard characters. When your message includes Unicode characters, the maximum number of characters will be 70 characters or less in a single message.


We are always working to make the process as smooth as possible and to ensure messages are restructured properly.


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