4.4 Why are my SMS Messages being Split into multiple different segments?

All SMS messages have an industry set limit of 160 standard GSM characters that are allowed within a single message. This is the maximum number of letters, numbers, punctuation marks and spaces that can be included in a single message. Keep in mind, when the message you are trying to type and send on Hushed is over 160 characters, it will be sent and displayed as split messages within this 160-character limit. Each single message (160-character limit) will either be charged to your Hushed account balance or deducted from your prepaid SMS included as one single SMS message.

NOTE: Due to certain provider limitations, it's possible that messages over 160 characters in length may segmented and sent to the recipient in an unintended order. We recommend that SMS messages being sent from Hushed are kept under the 160-character limit at a time to prevent this from happening.

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