What is Address Verification?

AffinityClick strives to provide as large of a range of numbers for our users as possible. To achieve this you may be required to provide an address for specific numbers.  This requirement is only for a few specific locales. The majority of our numbers need no such information.


If you do require a number that has this requirement you will be prompted to add an address during the purchase process.  This process should only take 30 seconds and has been made as streamlined as possible as we do not want to waste any of your time. 

All you must do is fill out this form and your new number will be instantly available for use!  If you have previously entered your address just hit the "Use Existing Address" button to save even more time!


In the event of any issue with the verification process we are always happy to help at support@hushed.com or by submitted a ticket from inside the app!

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