Long Distance - What is the difference between long distance & roaming?

Using Canada as an example: 
Long distance charges apply when:
  • You call outside of your home city.
  • You make or receive calls while traveling outside of your home city in Canada. (Exception: When you travel to another Canadian city and place a local call, long distance charges do not apply).
Roaming charges apply when you are outside of Canada and you use your device for voice and data when connected to a foreign cellular network in the city you’re visiting. “Roaming” simply means using your mobile device to connect to a cellular network outside your country. You can take your mobile device(s) with you almost anywhere in the world and make calls, text, email and browse the internet, almost as easily as you do at home in Canada.
* It is important to note that one should always check with their carrier prior to travelling to see if there are any traveller roaming packages available to ensure you do not get overcharged. 
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