2.5 Will calls or texts on Hushed show up on my Phone Bill?

Since Hushed uses VoIP technology and runs solely on WiFi/Data*, all of activity (calls, texts, pictures, voicemails, etc.) made/received through the app will never show up on your wireless phone bill under all normal circumstances. Hushed numbers and destination numbers dialed will also only be stored in your Hushed app (unless Call Routing is turned ON - activity on your wireless phone bill will show incoming calls made from your Hushed number to your mobile number - see 'Call Routing')

*Data charges may apply - please check with your wireless service provider

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    Justin S

    Hi Kevo,

    No, your hushed number will never show up on your phone bill because Hushed is not linked to phone lines or providers, it runs off Data and WiFi.

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    Kevo Kevani

    When i make a call or someone calls me, will my "Hushed" phone number ever show up on my phone bill?

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