3.4 How do I Customize my Voicemail Greeting?

Customizing your Voicemail Greeting

1. Select the phone number in the 'Hushed Phone' menu that you'd like to create a custom Voicemail Greeting for  

2. Select the 'Settings' icon at the bottom right corner of screen

3. Select 'Call Management' >> 'Voicemail Greeting'

4. Toggle ON/OFF 'Custom Voicemail Greeting'

5. Tap and hold center icon to record your greeting through your device's microphone, release when finished your recording

6. Listen to a playback of your recording or re-record your greeting by tapping and holding the center icon again. Press 'Save Greeting' once you're done!

NOTE: You can create a custom Voicemail Greeting for EACH Hushed number in your account! Have different greetings for all your numbers - a professional greeting for your business number and one for personal calls when you can't answer!


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