3.5 How come Incoming Calls are not Ringing/Why are all Calls are going directly to my Voicemail?

Not hearing any ringing or receiving any notifications for incoming calls on Hushed? Are incoming calls going straight to your Voicemail? Troubleshoot your problem by following these steps first!  

1. Check to see if your call notifications are turned ON (See Notifications)

2. Make sure that 'Send Calls to Voicemail' is turned OFF

  a) Select the phone number in the 'Hushed Phone' menu that you are experiencing issues with

  b) Select the 'Settings' icon at the bottom right corner of screen 

  c) Select 'Call Management'

d) Toggle ON/OFF 'Send Calls to Voicemail' for that number

On Android - the Hushed app must be running in the background in order to receive any incoming call ring/notifications. If you Force Quit the app directly from your device's app settings, incoming calls on Hushed will go directly to your voicemail without ring/notifications. The missed call will appear in your Call History/Voicemail on the next time you open the Hushed app.

On iOS - incoming call ring/notifications will still function normally (unless app notifications are turned off) even if the Hushed app is closed from swiping up

Still having troubles with incoming calls on Hushed? Feel free to contact us at support@hushed.com! We’re more than happy to assist.


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