3.1 How do I Make a Call from my Hushed number?

Making Calls on Hushed

1. Select your phone number in the 'Hushed Phone' menu that you'd like to make a call from

2. Select the 'Phone' dialer center icon on the bottom navigation bar

3. Enter the destination number that you wish to call >> Press 'Phone' icon to initiate call

NOTE: Make sure to input your destination number in the following format starting with the country code first, followed by area code, phone number, etc. (e.g. US/Canada starting with +1XX, UK starting with +44XX, etc.)

All Hushed number packages are able to call locally within the country of its origin. North American US/CAN numbers can dial between both US/CAN on ALL packages. International calling is only enabled on '30 Day International' packages available in select countries.

Some premium rate numbers, geographic or country-specific numbers (e.g. 1-900 numbers) are not supported by Hushed.

Prepaid minute allowance remaining on your number will be displayed at the bottom of the dialer (does not include credit usage). Remember to top up your account credits or extend your number if minutes are running low!


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