Security Settings - Passcode/Touch ID

In order to provide an extra level of security to the Hushed app and to help us protect the privacy of all of our users, we have implemented both Passcode and Touch ID features. 

The first step would be to locate the "Security Settings" menu in the main settings menu accessible from the main page of the app.


To turn on the passcode feature select "Turn Passcode On". You will be prompted and re-prompted to select a 4 digit passcode that will need to be entered every time you try to access the app from your mobile device.  


Touch ID: 

To activate the "Touch ID" feature you must have a passcode set up for the app. To set up your "Touch ID" select the feature from the security settings page. Once this feature is turned on you will be prompted to hold your finger on your home button. Once this process is completed your app will now be protected by our Touch ID feature!


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