There are two types of auto-replies currently available from the number settings menu by selecting "Auto-Reply settings":

General Auto-Reply:

This purpose of a general auto-reply is to act as a catch-all response to any text message your number receives. For example, you can set your number to respond with "busy" when any text message is received.

When you have entered your desired auto-reply response, please press the save button in the upper righthand corner of the screen.


Specific Auto-Reply:

Specific auto-replies act in the same way as general auto-replies, with the exception that they run off of a specific word instead of providing the same response for all text messages received.

You are able to create a specific rule by pressing the plus sign in the top right hand corner of the auto-reply settings menu. The below screen will appear and two fields will be shown. The first field is the word you would like to use as the trigger input. In this case we are using "WiFi" as an example.  Any text message that contains the sole word "WiFi" will now be responded to with the response input in the second field on this page, which in this example is "Here is the WiFi password ****." Just hit the save button to create the rule.

You can create multiple rules for multiple triggers with the plus sign in the top righthand corner of the screen. To delete a rule you can press and swipe the the rule to the left to have the option to delete it.

Please note, the words START, STOP and INFO are not compatible with the auto response system at this time.

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