Dropbox Integration

We now offer Dropbox Integration. This is a great way to save voicemails, messaging conversations and picture messages.

To locate this feature press the "Gear" icon in the top right-hand corner of the main app screen. This will open your main settings menu. You will then want to select the "Integrations" option and the "Dropbox" tab.

You will then have your Dropbox login screen appear where you can either log in to an existing Dropbox account or create a brand new one.

Make sure you hit the "Allow" button so that the Hushed app has permission to sync with your Dropbox account.

You can now toggle On/Off which numbers and pins you would like synced with your Dropbox account and which you would not. Your numbers do not sync automatically. You must hit the sync button to have your numbers sync their data with Dropbox. Should you delete a synchronized conversation from the app, that conversation will be sent to an archive folder in Dropbox.

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