3.7 What is Call Routing?

Call Routing lets you make calls using voice minutes from your wireless provider plan instead of only using Wifi/data like a standard VoIP call*. Perfect for getting the same great call quality in areas with poor Wifi/data coverage by bridging a destination call between your mobile SIM number and your Hushed Number!

*Wifi/data connection is required to establish the initial call connection through Hushed using Call Routing.

Enabling Call Routing

1. Select the phone number in the 'Hushed Phone' menu that you'd like to enable Call Routing on

2. Select the 'Settings' icon at the bottom right corner of screen

3. Select 'Call Management' >> 'Call Routing'

4. Toggle ON/OFF 'Call Routing'

5. Enter a Routing Number that you wish to receive calls on and select 'Save' (typically, this would be your mobile device's SIM number) 

6. Dial a destination number using your Hushed number

7. A notification will appear showing that Call Routing is initiated

8. You will then receive a call on the Routing Number entered (e.g. your mobile device's SIM number) from your Hushed number >> Answer the call and the destination number originally dialed will then be bridged into your call >> Wait for the recipient to answer their call and start talking!

NOTE: The recipient of the destination number dialed will only see your Hushed number as the Caller ID. Activity on your wireless phone bill will only show incoming calls from your Hushed number to your mobile number.  

Standard calling rates may apply. Calls to your mobile SIM number using Call Routing are charged as regular voice minutes under your wireless provider plan.

Calls using Call Routing are billed on Hushed as two separate calls (one to the Call Routing number entered, one to the destination number) but will appear as a single call in your Hushed app's Call History. 


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