Call Routing

Call Routing is a feature that lets our users bridge calls between their traditional phone number and a recipient number while still being able to take advantage of the privacy the Hushed App offers.  The recipient caller will only see your hushed number while the actual call is being made from your traditional phone number.  This can be beneficial in situations where your data connection is not strong enough to facilitate a data driven call.


To access this feature you must first go to your number settings menu by clicking on the gear icon in the bottom righthand corner of the app.  You can then select "Call Management" from the list of options.  From there you must select "Call Routing" to set up call routing.


Once you have entered the "Call Routing"  menu you must toggle "Call Routing" ON.  Once this option is toggled to the ON position a field will open up where you want to input your traditional number you would like to make the bridged call from.  This is NOT the number of the party you want to receive the call.  As soon as you have input your traditional number you can press the "save" button present on the screen.

Your now ready to make your call.  Just dial the number your trying to contact from the app as if you were making a standard hushed call and you will receive this message showing the call has successfully been routed.

As two calls are being made, the first from your traditional number to hushed number and the second to from your hushed number to your target number, both calls will be billed separately but will appear as a single call in your history to help keep your call history free of any unnecessary clutter.


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