7.3 How do I send Self Destructing Messages?

Sending Self Destructing Messages in 'Hushed Messenger'

1. Select the Hushed Messenger Profile you would like to send a message from

2. Select from an existing conversation in 'Messages' or create a new one by selecting the 'Create New Message' icon at top right-hand corner (Create Group Chat/Find/Select a contact to message)

3. Tap the 'Set Timer' icon on the bottom right of the message bar >> Select a time option available in the list (from 10 seconds -> 24 hours) >> Select 'Done'

4. Type a message that you wish to send with the timer set to your previous selection >> Send message

5. The recipient(s) of your Self-Destructing Message will only be able to view the message within the time period that was set - the message will be automatically wiped from the conversation to leave no trace behind!


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