5.1 How do I Add/Top Up Credits on my account?

What are Hushed Credits?

Hushed offers users the option to purchase in-app Credits to easily buy new numbers, extend numbers, and add more talk time/SMS messages to existing numbers for an even better value! Credits in your account balance are applied to all of your Hushed numbers for talk and text, meaning that if you run out of credits or prepaid minutes/SMS on any Hushed number, Credits in your account balance will be consumed for added talk time/SMS messages.

How to Add Credits/Top Up your Hushed Account

1. Select the 'Get Credits' icon at the bottom right of screen in the 'Hushed Phone' menu

2. Choose from a variety of Credit Packages to suit your needs. Up to 40% in added value when buying Credits!

3. Tap on the Credit Package you wish to purchase and complete the in-app purchase through iTunes/Google Play (NOTE: You cannot use existing account credits to buy additional credits!)

4. Once the purchase is completed, the Credit amount purchased will be immediately added to your account. You will see your updated account balance at the top of the 'Hushed Phone' menu or in the Settings menu under 'Account Balance'

5. Credits in your account can be used to buy new numbers, extend numbers, add more talk time/SMS messages to your existing numbers.

6. Selecting one of your Hushed numbers and going to your number 'Settings' menu on the bottom right will display your current Phone Number Balance (number of texts and talk minutes available on your prepaid number package). Swipe left to see your Phone Number Balance calculated using Credits in your account balance!

Make sure to keep an eye out for promotions applied to Credit Packages to get even more value!


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