What does the Get Credits menu do?

The main page of the Hushed app allows our users to utilize our "Get Credits" menu.   

What does credit do once it is in my account balance?

Once you have earned or purchased credit, it is directly deposited into your account balance on the main page of your app. All credit in your account balance is fully accessible to all of your numbers by default. Should you run out of credit on any number, that number will automatically begin taking credit from your account balance. If you go into your number menu you will see your amount of minutes listed from "phone balance." If you swipe that field to the right or left, you will be able to see the amount of minutes/SMS you have calculated with your "account balance".

Also if you have enough credit to facilitate a number purchase or an extension, your account balance will automatically cover the cost of the transaction! This feature makes purchasing new numbers and extending numbers via the "Extend Number" menu easier than ever, and also gives you the ability to take advantage of the numerous promotions and discounts that purchasing credit in bulk allows! 


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