Usage Rates - How many Hushed Credits does it cost when calling/texting?

Using Credits with 'Pay-as-you-go' Plans  

Call minutes/SMS text messages sent and received are charged at a rate per minute or per SMS based on the destination number being dialled.

e.g. Calling to the UK +44X with any Pay-as-you-go number can range between $0.06USD - $0.09USD per minute* depending on the prefix of the number being dialled. 

NOTE: Pay-as-you-go-plans are mainly used for international calling capabilities. We strive to provide the best value for our customers and pass on call/sms rate savings when available. Rate pricing may vary depending on changes to telecommunication service rates.

Using Credits with 'Prepaid' Plans

Local call minutes and SMS text messages are bundled within prepaid plans and consumed based on the number of minutes OR texts sent and received on the number. Once prepaid minutes/texts run out, calls/texts will then be consumed directly from your account credit balance. You will not be able to send or receive calls/texts until credit balance is sufficient (or if you purchase an extension plan)

e.g. Receiving 1 text and replying to 1 text will deduct 2 SMS messages from your prepaid balance. Call minutes will also be deducted based on the ratio of minutes/texts bundled into your plan. 

NOTE: Credits are shared between both call/text usage across all Prepaid and Pay-as-you-go numbers. For example, SMS balance will also decrease when making calls on your Prepaid or Pay-as-you-go numbers. Swipe left on your Prepaid 'Number Settings' menu to view texts/minutes available using credits.

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