Hushed Credits - What are Hushed Credits and how can they be used?

Hushed Credits are an easy and flexible way to make sure your numbers have usage available at all times! Keeping Hushed Credits topped up in your account balance will let you:

✔ Add more call minutes/SMS text messages to your 'Prepaid' and 'Pay-as-you-go' numbers
✔ Purchase new numbers
✔ Extend existing numbers that are about to expire

Check out Credit packages available under the 'Get Credits' menu in the app. You can also buy Hushed Credits directly through the web using credit cards (Stripe) and Bitcoin (Coinbase)! Visit and click the 'Top Up' button for more info!


  • Adding Credits to your account balance DOES NOT automatically Extend your numbers! Please make sure to click 'Extend' in the 'Number Settings' menu if you wish to keep your number.
  • Credits are shared between both call/text usage across all Prepaid and Pay-as-you-go numbers. For example, SMS balance will also decrease when making calls on your Prepaid or Pay-as-you-go numbers. Swipe left on your Prepaid 'Number Settings' menu to view texts/minutes available using credits.
  • When you run out of credits, you will no longer be able to send or receive calls/texts until additional credit is added to your account. For privacy reasons, Hushed does not store undelivered messages and are unable to restore missed messages due to insufficient credits.


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