2.1 Pricing & Packages - What type of plans are offered on Hushed?

There are 4 main package types offered on Hushed:

• Unlimited Subscriptions
• Prepaid '7/30/90/365 Day' Local Plans
• Pay-as-you-go '30 Day' International Plans
• Credit Packages

For more information on pricing, number/country availabilities, please open menu listings found under the 'Get New Numbers' or 'Get Credits' buttons in the app's main menu!

Unlimited Subscription

Auto-renewing, unlimited subscription plans available on all U.S. and Canadian numbers in the choice of 1 Line or 3 Line subscriptions. These numbers include UNLIMITED Talk & Text within North America!

Sign up yearly and save up to 20% - starting at only $3.99/month!


Prepaid '7/30/90/365 Day' Local Plan

Our most flexible number plans that include bundled minutes/SMS for local calling and texting within the number's country code!

NOTE: Texting only available on select numbers. Minutes/SMS included in U.S. and Canadian Prepaid numbers include talk & text within North America.


Pay-as-you-go '30 Day' International Plan

Enable your Hushed number to call/text anyone, anywhere in the world by purchasing or extending with this package!

NOTE: International texting only available on select numbers. All usage on Pay-as-you-go will deduct credits directly from account balance.


Credit Packages

Hushed Credits let you add more minutes and/or SMS usage on any of your Prepaid or Pay-as-you-go numbers. Credits can also be used to buy new numbers and extend existing ones!

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