Pricing & Packages - What type of plans are offered on Hushed?

Hushed offers a variety of package options! These fall into 4 different categories:

• Unlimited Plan Subscriptions
• Prepaid '7/30/90/365 Day' Local Plans
• Pay-as-you-go '30 Day' International Plans
• Credit Packages

For more information on pricing, number/country availabilities, please open menu listings found under the 'Get New Numbers' or 'Get Credits' buttons in the app's main menu!


Unlimited Subscription

Auto-renewing, unlimited subscription plans available on all U.S. and Canadian numbers in the choice of 1 Line or 3 Line subscriptions. These numbers include UNLIMITED Talk & Text within both the U.S. and Canada. 


Prepaid '7/30/90/365 Day' Local Plan

Our most flexible number plans that include bundled minutes/SMS for local calling and texting within the number's country code!

NOTE: Texting only available on select numbers. Minutes/SMS included in U.S. and Canadian Prepaid numbers include talk & text within both countries.


Pay-as-you-go '30 Day' International Plan

Enable your Hushed number to call anywhere in the world by purchasing or extending with this package! Numbers on this plan can call internationally worldwide. Please do note that only US and Canada Numbers on the '30 Day Worldwide Plan' variation of this plan are able to text internationally in addition to calling internationally. 

NOTE: International texting only available on select numbers (US/Canada Numbers on the 30 Day Worldwide Plan'). All usage on Pay-as-you-go will deduct credits directly from account balance.


Credit Packages

Hushed Credits allow you to add more minutes and/or SMS usage on any of your Prepaid or Pay-as-you-go numbers. Credits can also be used to buy new numbers and extend existing ones! 

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