Voicemail Greetings - How do I set up or record a custom voicemail greeting?

To customize your voicemail greeting, follow these steps:

1️⃣ Select a phone number from the 'Hushed Phone' menu that you'd like to create a custom greeting for
2️⃣ Select the 'Number Settings' icon at the bottom right of the navigation bar
3️⃣ Select 'Call Management' >> 'Voicemail Greeting'
4️⃣ Toggle ON/OFF 'Use Custom Voicemail Greeting'
5️⃣ Tap and hold center icon to record your greeting through your device's microphone, release when finished recording
6️⃣ Listen to a playback of your recording or re-record your greeting by tapping and holding the center icon again. Press 'Save Greeting' once you're done!

NOTE: It's not currently possible to upload pre-recorded MP3s or other file formats into the voicemail greeting. 

NOTE: You can create a custom Voicemail Greeting for EACH Hushed number! Have different greetings for all your numbers - a professional greeting for your business number and one for personal calls when you can't answer!

Please keep in mind that in some cases, it may take up to 24h to update your voicemail greeting


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