Deleting Numbers - How do I delete a Hushed phone number?

To delete your Hushed number, follow these steps:

1️⃣ Select the phone number in the 'Hushed Phone' menu that you'd like to delete
2️⃣ Select the 'Number Settings' icon at the bottom right of the navigation bar
3️⃣ Select the 'Delete This Number' button at the bottom of the menu list

NOTE: All min/SMS balances remaining on Prepaid numbers will be lost and are non-transferrable. All Prepaid numbers are purchased individually. As with traditional phone numbers, any parties that attempt to contact an unassigned/deleted number will be unable to do so, until another user has been assigned that number.

NOTE: Unlimited Plan subscription numbers can only be deleted by cancelling the Unlimited Plan subscription via iTunes/Google Play.

If you would like assistance to delete a number, please contact our support team at for assistance.


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