Caller ID - What do people see when I call/text them? Will calls/texts show up on my phone bill?

When making a call or texting through Hushed, the recipient sees ONLY your Hushed phone number as the Caller ID - just like any traditional number. Rest assured that your real phone number from your SIM card is always completely hidden and cannot be traced back to you.

Your Hushed number and username is kept separate from your real phone number since Hushed runs solely on WiFi/data - meaning your activity on Hushed (numbers, calls, texts, your email, etc.) is kept private and will never show up on your phone records or carrier bill.

NOTE: If 'Call Forwarding' or 'Call Routing' are enabled, your phone bill will only show calls exchanged between your Hushed number and your personal (non-Hushed) cellular number - numbers that you call from Hushed will never appear on your phone bill.

Changing the Caller ID on your Hushed number is currently not supported on Hushed.

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