Making Calls - How do I make a call with a Hushed number?

To make a call with your Hushed number, follow these steps:

1️⃣ Select a phone number from the 'Hushed Phone' menu that you'd like to make a call from
2️⃣ Select the 'Phone' dialer icon at the center of the bottom navigation bar
3️⃣ Enter a valid destination number >> Press the 'Phone' icon to initiate a call

NOTE: Hushed encourages E.164 phone number formatting when inputting destination numbers. This is an internationally-recognized standard phone number format that will help to ensure deliverability of calls and sms messages across the globe.

E.164 Phone Number Formatting

E.164 formatting for phone numbers entails the following:

  • A '+' (plus) sign - enter this by holding '0' on the dialer
  • International Country Calling code
  • Local Area code
  • Local Phone number

For example, here’s a US-based number in standard local formatting: (415) 555-2671


Here’s the same phone number in E.164 formatting: +14155552671


In the UK, and many other countries internationally, local dialing may require the addition of a '0' in front of the subscriber number. With E.164 formatting, this '0' must usually be removed.

For example, here’s a UK-based number in standard local formatting: 020 7183 8750


Here’s the same phone number in E.164 formatting: +442071838750


NOTE: If you are unsure of your destination number's Country Code, please see this Wikipedia page reference for a list of countries and calling codes.


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