Diagnostic Test - Why am I experiencing poor call quality? Why are my calls not connecting?

Having latency issues, poor call quality or calls not connecting? All operations on Hushed will require a strong WiFi/data connection to work properly - please first make sure that your network connection is strong or try connecting to a different wifi or data network! 

If your issue persists, please send us your Diagnostic Test results by following these steps:

1️⃣ Go to 'App Settings' (Click gear icon on top right of main menu screen) 
2️⃣ Select 'Support' >> 'Run Diagnostics'
3️⃣ Select 'Run Diagnostics' at the top right hand corner >> 'Email my diagnostics to Hushed Support' 

Your test results will be sent to our support team for review and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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