Sound Settings - How do I change ring/text tones? How come incoming calls are not ringing?

- How To Change Ring/Text Tones -

To change your ring or text tones on your Hushed number, follow these steps:

1️⃣ Select a number from the 'Hushed Phone' menu that you'd like to change your ring/text tones on
2️⃣ Select the 'Number Settings' icon at the bottom right of the navigation bar
3️⃣ Select 'Ring Tone' or 'Text Tone'
4️⃣ Select from list of tones available

- How To Enable In-App Sounds/Vibrate -

Are your incoming calls and texts not ringing? Looking to silence the Hushed app? First check this setting or disable all in-app sounds on Hushed by following these steps:

1️⃣ Go to 'App Settings' (Click gear icon on top right of main menu screen) 
2️⃣ Select 'Device Settings'
3️⃣ Toggle 'In-app sound' ON/OFF
4️⃣ Toggle 'In-app vibrate' ON/OFF

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