7.2 Creating a Hushed Messenger Profile

To create a Hushed Messenger profile, follow these steps:

1️⃣ Select the ‘Messenger’ tab from the Main Menu
2️⃣ Select ‘Get New Profile’ icon at the bottom of the screen
3️⃣ Enter a unique profile name
4️⃣ Select a profile picture from your 'Photo Library' or 'Take a Picture' with your device's camera
5️⃣ Select 'Complete' and you're ready to start encrypted messaging with Hushed!

NOTE: All profiles (including yours) are searchable immediately after being created. Turn OFF your profile search-ability by selecting the 'Me' icon at the bottom of your Messenger profile and Toggle ON/OFF 'Profile is Searchable'

Create up to 10 active Hushed Messenger Profiles at a time! Create multiple profiles and manage different identities for anyone you talk to!


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