Interrupted Purchase (iOS) - I made an in-app and my iTunes account was charged, but I didn't receive my purchase?

An interrupted purchase is what happens when you make a purchase via iTunes but do not receive your number package or credit package purchase.  

Not to worry, as long as the payment was successfully charged on your iTunes account, you can run a manual check to recover the purchase! Please ensure you have received an iTunes receipt confirmation before restoring your purchase. 

1️⃣ Please repurchase the same package you had initially selected in the Hushed app. It does not need to be the same exact number you had originally purchased, but it does need to be the same number type (country and plan)
2️⃣ Once selected, you will receive a pop up notification that iTunes has located your original purchase and you will not be charged a second time. Instead, your original purchase will be restored to your account! 

NOTE: This only applies to iTunes in-app purchases for credit packages and prepaid (non-Unlimited Plan) numbers.

NOTE: In the event your purchase is not able to be recovered, we recommend reaching out to iTunes directly for a refund: Request a refund for an iTunes Store purchase


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